Faculty Resources

SIU Online (Desire2Learn) QuickGuides

These printable guides provide step by step instructions on how to use specific tools in SIU Online (Desire2Learn).

Online Course Framework Checklist

Use this checklist to help develop a pedagogically-strong framework for your online course. For more detailed working documents, refer to the “Building Your Online Course Framework” webpage below.

Building Your Online Course Framework

Getting started can be a large obstacle for instructors developing an online course.  Use these resources to help you develop a pedagogically strong framework for your course.

Quality Check for Online Courses

Use this quality checklist to make sure that you have all the essentials in place for an engaging online course for you and your students. Whether you are just starting to develop a new online course or about to launch another semester teaching online, it is always good practice to step back and ask the important questions that will guarantee a quality online course offering.