Survey Tool Introduction

IMPORTANT: Some survey instruments require approval by the Human Subjects Committee. Please review the HSC requirements. You are solely responsible for ensuring your compliance.

The survey generator is an open-source (free) tool and it offers an easy way to conduct a web based survey with few limitations.


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Essentially, creating a survey is a matter of adding questions one at a time, choosing the type of question (radio buttons, text fields, et al.) and then entering the responses you want available (yes, no, maybe, etc). You can preview the survey at any time during its creation, and reorder questions arbitrarily. Once a survey has been created, you “release” it for data collection, at which point you may no longer modify it. Upon release, the system provides you a long (ugly) URL which you may copy and paste into or the like to make it shorter so that it is more convenient to include in your advertising, be it by email or web page or brochure: For example, an original survey URL would look like:

But, a URL shortened via would be like:

Once you “close” the survey, you can export the data for use in excel, SPSS, CSV, PDF, etc. Also, once you have surveys in the system, you may copy any of them for use as a template to speed the creation of similar surveys. There are also template choices included with the survey.

You have constant access to the system, complete control over your surveys, and may have as many of them as you like. You can have an unlimited number of questions on the survey and an unlimited number of participants. There are 20 different question types. You can integrate pictures and movies into the surveys.  Your answers can be mandatory or optional. It is multi-lingual-it supports over 50 languages.  You can write conditional questions. It’s possible for a person to return to a survey to finish the answers.  There are ready made, importable answers. You can re-use answer sets. The surveys can be set to expire at a certain time. The results are importable and exportable in text, Excel, CSV, PDF, SPSS, etc. There is also a basic statistical and graphical analysis available.

Each user will have to evaluate whether this system will serve their purpose. If you are ready to get started, e-mail Steve Mitchell ( to request a survey generator user account. Please mention briefly your association with SIU and the general purpose of your survey.

If you find that your survey requires more functionality than can be provided via this open-source tool, then you are encouraged to contact CTE to discuss the possibility of collaborating with a programmer or multimedia developer.