Lecture Capture with Echo360

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Lecture Capture Technology Supported by CTE

Record your classroom lectures for students to access and review later.
Record lectures from your desktop to use in your online courses.
Increase student engagement with interactive tools.

Watch an overview video of how to use the Echo360 platform

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Best Practices

  • Drive Student Engagement with Three Simple Steps. Learn how Professor Perry Samson uses Echo360 at the University of Michigan to drive student engagement in his large lecture classroom, Click here to watch.
  • Impact of Echo360 Analytics-Helping Struggling Students. See how Echo360 analytics can help you track and better understand student progress. Click here to watch.
  • Create Screencast Videos Outside of the Classroom. Learn how Elena Clark, Senior Instruction Designer at Echo360, shows you how to create screencast videos outside the classroom. Click here to watch. 

FAQ: Lecture Capture at SIU