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Lecture Capture Technology Supported by CTE

Want to…

  • Pre-record your lectures for your online course?
  • Record live classes for student review?
  • Increase student engagement in your classroom?


Fall 2019 - Back to School Webinar links 

o   How to Use Video to Personalize Learning in Your Course

o   How to Use Interactivity to Optimize Student Engagement

o   How to Get the Most Out of Your Student Analytics


Echo360 as an "Alternative Format" for Spring 2020 semester

Download video transcript here

Echo360 Focus on Teaching and Learning

21 Ways to Teach with Echo360 is an educator-focused blog series. It is designed as a toolkit to help all teaching staff find the best way to use Echo360 in their teaching.

Each of the 21 articles in this series will offer a different perspective on how to teach using Echo360 – from recording a teaching session to facilitating an online flipped activity. Importantly, they begin by explaining why this approach may help the teacher or learners, and this is followed by a short step by step guide on how to use this in a teaching session. Click Here to start!

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FAQ: Lecture Capture at SIU