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Micro-Credential in Teaching

The Center for Teaching Excellence provides an online Graduate Teaching Training course, the Micro-Credential in Teaching.  

The goal of the program is to provide diverse advice and tools that will be useful for your role as an instructor. There are seven components required to complete the Micro-Credential:

Class Design: In this module, experienced professors offer advice in planning a class: how to write a syllabus; pros and cons of each teaching style; things to be considered when bringing your personal research into the classroom

Communication: This module focuses on the interaction between a teacher and students: how to effectively communicate with each other, and how to increase students’ engagement in class.

Self-management: Here we focus on instructors’ own issues. In teaching a class, graduate students usually confront common problems such as lack of time, mistakes, anxiety and so on. Experienced professors and our fellow students talk about how to deal with these inevitable issues.   

Language Barriers: This module provides practical advice and tips that international GTAs use in their classroom to alleviate problems in communicating in their second language.

Diversity & Inclusion: In this module, we focus on the strategies to make all students feel supported intellectually and academically, and to create a sense of belonging in the classroom.

Teaching Philosophy Statement: Many academic and educational jobs require applicants to submit a statement of teaching philosophy. This module provides general guidelines and samples to write a proper statement that describes your beliefs about teaching and how you put those values and goals into practice.

D2L in Depth: As a teaching assistant and a teacher, it is crucial to understand the online learning management system. This module provides comprehensive training on the Brightspace Community. 

You may register for the certificate at any time. If you are interested in registering, please send an email to Hyo-Jeong Lee at or



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