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Welcome to the Center for Teaching Excellence

Following SIU Carbondale’s ongoing efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19, the Center for Teaching Excellence will continue to provide support for faculty as they design their courses for flexible, multi-modal delivery in Spring 2021.


Moving Ahead with Alternate Modes

In order to follow recommended social distancing when we return to our classrooms, we must adapt our teaching/learning practices to accommodate the reduced capacity in our campus learning spaces. A hybrid model of teaching and learning combines online recorded lectures, assignments, and activities with more intentional face-to-face instruction. Most instructional strategies can be converted for effective learning online.

The Center for Teaching Excellence is a member of Quality Matters, an international organization committed to the quality of online and blended college courses. We offer the following QM quality standards as a guide for SIU faculty adapting their courses for what comes next.

Micro-course Activity for Objectives/Competencies Alignment 

This micro-course was developed as part of a collaboration between CTE and ITEC program as a tool for aligning program-level objectives and individual course-level activities. Examples are included to help you adapt the process to your own course. At the end of each micro-unit, for your convenience, you may enter your email where you can send your completed exercises that follow. Alternatively, you may skip emailing it to yourself and use the micro-course activities as a model to help you get started. In this case, the work will not be saved and will be deleted when you leave the page. Use this micro-course tutorial to develop your QM-compliant course objectives and aligned activities, for the audio version, please use the on-demand version of the micro-course (forthcoming):

Click image below to begin.

 Splash image for Micro-Course providing introduction from actual course