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Welcome to the Center for Teaching Excellence

Due to ongoing efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), SIU Center for Teaching Excellence will be providing support for faculty as they convert their course materials into alternative formats for off-site and virtual instruction. We are committed to assisting faculty and students during this transition process. For all students and faculty, CTE provides full support for D2L Brightspace© ECHO360, and Zoom. Here are basic guidelines to keep students engaged in learning for the next few weeks.

Take this 5-step Approach to Developing Effective Courses in D2L Brightspace©

  1. Access D2L Courses- Log into Brightspace© from the MyCourses tab on SIU website at:
  2. Upload your Syllabus and Course Content by clicking on the Content tab from your course home page.
  3. Host face-to-face Class Meetings and Discussions – Use Zoom Video Web Conferencing or D2L Brightspace Virtual Classroom (inside your D2L course) to host real-time (synchronous) discussions and/or class sessions with your students. Depending on your aims and style of student engagement, each of these CTE supported options is an excellent way to maintain real time meetings and class sessions with your students. 
  4. Assess and Record Student Performance using your own Spreadsheet (.csv) – Use Grades (Assessments > Grades > Enter Grades > Import) in Brightspace© to upload a .csv file of your current spreadsheet, or use the Setup Wizard to create a new gradebook in your new online course. Learn more about Assessing and Grading Learners by clicking here.
  5. Lecture Capture with Echo360 – Use Echo360 to record, store, and link your videos and lectures in D2L Brightspace©. For more information on getting started click here.