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Faculty & Staff Expertise. Everywhere. Unique Delivery.

The CTE has partnered with SIU Events & Outreach to create a collaborative partnership that benefits everyone: faculty and staff, learners, community partners, and SIU units. This service is for faculty and staff who have expertise to creatively share outside of the traditional classroom formats in various modalities (face-to-face, hybrid, fully online).

Our Service

The CTE and SIU Events & Outreach will assist you with curriculum development, D2L support, budget preparation, scheduling, event planning, advertising/recruiting, and more.

Unleash the Possibilities

Salukis have a lot of knowledge and skills to share. You can share your expertise in many ways:

  • Offer an intensive weekend seminar fully onsite (e.g., SIU Student Center)
  • Start in D2L with content that prepares learners for an on-site weekend event at SIU’s Touch of Nature
  • Provide a fully automated video-based course on useful or interesting topics.

Target Audience

Continuing education is primarily for adult learners and working professionals who would like to upskill or learn something new in an affordable, low-stakes environment. Many course creators begin with a very simple course and slowly build it into a stacked micro-credential or certificate with the goal of getting the course recognized by a professional association as a source of credit for licensing, certification, or professional development.


Get Started

The Process

Step 1. Ideation

What is that you would like to do? Having a general idea of what you’d like to achieve is an important first step. Download this worksheet to help with some basic planning in preparation for an initial meeting.


Idea light bulb We recommend searching online for similar programs; you may find similar programs through other universities, MOOCs (e.g., EdX, Coursera), or social platforms (e.g., LinkedIn Learning). Consider your differentiator. What makes your program unique (price, location, topic)? You can see a list of current SIU offerings on the Continuing Education Home Page or on the page listing current course offerings: Continuing Education Online Classes.


Step 2. Meet with CTE or Events & Outreach

Complete this informational interest form. Someone from Events and Outreach or the CTE will contact you. If you have any questions before or after filling out the form, please email continuing.edu@siu.edu


Step 3. Prepare a Budget

We encourage you to prepare a rough budget before the first meeting, including a target compensation goal for yourself. A realistic budget helps set realistic expectations before completing the next steps. Download this worksheet and budget worksheet (available 8/1/23) to get started.


Step 4. Work with CTE to Develop Curriculum or SIU Events & Outreach

This step may vary for each faculty member or staff member developing Continuing Education courses, events, or other opportunities. If the course involves an online education component, D2L/Brightspace is the required tool and CTE will be involved. However, the CTE may also be involved with courses or programs that are only face-to-face if training and development support is needed. In all circumstances, SIU Events & Outreach will be involved.

CTE’s Support

  • Ideation
  • Curriculum & course development
  • D2L training and support
  • End-user support
  • Content support and delivery
  • Video production
  • Assessment
  • Course audits

Events & Outreach’s Support

  • Ideation
  • Budget development
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Enrollment management
  • Event management/coordination
  • Vendor management/procurement
  • Equipment rentals
Accounts payable/contracts

Step 5. Launch!

Once the course, program, or experience is ready to launch, enrollment will begin. If you meet the threshold for the target ROI, you will be responsible for delivering on the promises made to learners. Your dedicated teams at the CTE and Events & Outreach will be available to assist you; however, Continuing Education opportunities are best led by individuals who are okay with pivoting and troubleshooting. Our goal through the first steps is to minimize any potential issues.

Step 6. Review (and Repeat)

We always recommend doing post-action follow-ups and reviews. Depending on the type of program being offered, improvements can be made before the next iteration. The CTE and Events & Outreach are going to be helping you here too!


DOWNLOAD BUDGET [Available 8/10]