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Educational Technology (EdTech) tools transform the teaching and learning experience and offer innovative ways to engage and interact with various media and through various delivery modes (e.g., face-to-face, online, or hybrid). EdTech tools can also streamline content to make content production more efficient and delivery more effective.

We have curated a list of the EdTech solutions that SIU supports or the CTE recommends to SIU faculty.

There are many tools available. If you have suggestions, please let us know at teach@siu.edu.

If you need training or would like to share how you use a tool through a workshop, please contact us at teach@siu.edu.



SIU’s EdTech is funded by a combination of state accounts (i.e., Illinois taxpayers) and student fees (e.g., Distance Ed fees and tech fees), which are distributed each fiscal year to units’ budgets. We have accounted for the unit purchasing the technology from these funding sources by listing a number in brackets.  

1 = Center for Teaching Excellence 

2 = SIU Extended Campus/Distance Education 

3 = Office of Information Technology (OIT) 

No number? The tool is free or funded by other sources (e.g., schools, grants, or instructors). 


  • Faculty should generally avoid using Google products (e.g., Drive Forms) or Dropbox to store documents with student data that could be considered private (e.g., grades); OIT ensures supported edtech meets enhanced security compliance. 
  • Always carefully review the terms and conditions of unsupported tech (including those we’ve recommended) before adopting it for classroom use. 
  • Provide a note in course registration about any edtech tools you will use, and their cost, so that students know of any upfront costs or expectations when they register for your course. 
  • Provide statements in your course syllabus regarding expectations and requirements—especially privacy and communication expectations—for the edtech you use in the classroom. 


The CTE supports SIU’s EdTech through salaries: systems administrators, instructional designers, and educational technologists. Our team maintains the technology and trains faculty and staff to use the technology efficiently and effectively.