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Instructor teaching live class with additional students via videoconference.

The CTE can transform your classroom, instructional, or co-curricular activities with our professional conferencing team and powerful video conferencing and streaming solutions.

Supported System
We support or provide the following streaming services:

  • Microsoft Teams: Foster dynamic in-class collaboration.
  • Bongo Video Classroom: Create interactive recorded lectures with screen sharing and quizzes.
  • StreamYard: Captivate audiences with social media live streams (requires a service request).

Beyond Conferencing: Enhance your presentations!

Need to capture your lecture and screen while presenting slides? We can help you choose the best screen recording tools to create engaging video content.

Don't be limited by format! We can show you how to use various conferencing solutions to fit your unique style.


Microsoft Teams is provided free with all Microsoft365 accounts in the SIU system. CTE can provide support and training for Teams to optimize your classes or meetings. CTE also provides videos and How-To guides to answer questions instructors have.


MS Teams Self-Help Resources

** Important Update!


We're saying goodbye to Zoom for video conferencing. For one-time needs, or for your special guests please fill out the following form. If you prefer Zoom, you can purchase a license directly from them.

Requesting Form

Zoom Self-Help Resources


Request One-Time Event Support
CTE can assist with scheduling one-time events for which you may need videoconference connectivity.  Complete a request for services to schedule a videoconference, web conference, or teleconference. This service is free for academic activities. We can provide co-curricular support or special event support for a below-market fee.


Request Room Design
CTE also provides HyFlex/Hybrid room designs. We can assist you in converting or upgrading a traditional classroom or conference room to a fully interactive space that will allow you to “beam” in students, instructors, and guests. Contact us for more information.

Request Services

Elevate Your Teaching & Foster Deeper Connections!

  • Craft dynamic pre-recorded lectures with screen sharing, interactive quizzes, and polls.
  • Foster real-time collaboration through engaging discussions and breakout sessions, creating a seamless learning environment for both in-person and remote students.
  • Connect with world-class guest speakers directly into your classroom and cater to specialized needs with features like sign language interpretation, ensuring everyone can participate effectively.
  • Bridge the educational gap, no matter the format. Explore our toolbox and unlock new possibilities for student engagement.